Through my lens


Ever since I was a wee little girl, I’ve been fascinated with photography.  The time would fly by when i was looking at my dad’s camera or his old photo’s he took in his college days in the 70’s.   I’d look at the pictures of flowers, bovine and fields and wonder if I’d be able to take photo’s that were that pleasing to the eye.

In high school one of my best friends had a good camera and an even better eye.  I got to be the model for some of her assignments. She was in college slightly older than me at the time.  One  random day long ago I remember flipping through her negatives with intrigue.  She even took me with her one rainy day to the darkroom and I got to watch her develop photo’s from one of our shoots.

If memory serves me right In college my freshman year I was lucky enough to be gifted my cousin’s Nikon camera so I could take a photography class (Erin I’m nodding at you).  For Christmas my dad converted his lenses from a bayonet mount to screw mounts so that I could use them on the camera I was borrowing.


That was one of my all time favorite classes in college.  I can still remember full lectures that Maia gave with slides (yes she was – and still is – that good).  Looking back, I can see that I should have majored in art and gotten certified to teach yoga as a minor (they didn’t have that then, but I’m looking back with hindsight, so humor me).  You know I was practical then (yes laugh all you want, but I was the student who graduated in 3 years in order to cut costs not to mention I was also working at the fresh market and on campus at a work-study job in order to keep expenses down at a private school that I was paying for).  I knew art classes were a lot of extra money, books yes, but art supplies added to tuition fees in a way that I didn’t think I could afford, think buying film, the actual paper that you develop photos on ect. ect. ect.  It wasn’t practical.

I was minimizing expenses at the expense of my actual passions.  Probably not a good strategy!  I’m still paying off student loans 14 years later and now I wonder, would it really have mattered?  I should have just majored in art and while I’m wishing I should have studied abroad too.


As a result of holding back on my passions when I was fresh out of high school, now I’m indulging in the things I had wanted then.  The new camera has been fun and soul soothing thus far.  At lunch today Max and I went on a short walk to snap some photo’s before I rushed back to work.  The photo’s in today’s post are what we saw.  I’ve got a lot of learning to do, and I’m excited about that process!

What about you, if you could go back to college what would you have studied or changed for that matter? I’m dying to know!

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