Missed yoga class: 3 Lessons I Learned

IMG_0083 - Version 2

Have you ever had your heart set on a yoga class?  You did everything right, stomach empty, mat in hand, drove yourself 35 minutes to the next town over for this specific class only to end up thwarted by st. closures for a road race?

That was my morning.  Luckily for me I’ve been practicing yoga for a while, and though I was disappointed I was able to let the desire for that class go and quickly shifted gears.  I used my yoga and simply let go.  My new Canon Rebel was in the car and I wanted to take myself on an artist’s date after yoga class anyway.  Now I’d get to set out a little earlier to use my new toy.

Lesson #1 Let go of your attachments to follow life’s flow:
If I got frustrated and mad that I couldn’t make it to class and had focused on the wasted time and wasted gas I wouldn’t have been able to shift gears as quickly as I did.  The ability to let it go and find life’s flow can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.  Sometimes interrupted plans are better than plans anyway because they help get your creative juices flowing.


Lesson #2  Spontaneity is crucial to Creativity
There is a lot to be said for routine.  Personally I’m a huge believer in route.  Dedication to goals, putting in hard work to achieve those goals – all of that is important, YES.  And you need to allow enough free time and flexibility in your life in order for creativity to blossom.  I almost had scheduled myself up for the morning.  I almost made a plan for Saturday morning which would have meant no room, no space, no extra time to just be.  That’s normally my life. This was a great reminder to leave room for myself so creativity can blossom.  The free time allowed spontaneity to creep in and fuel my creative side.


I love my state, but I especially love my City…


All said and done I got lucky to miss class.


Lesson #3 Feed your creativity
Make time for creativity in your life.  It doesn’t just happen.  You have to flex that muscle just like any other muscle.  If you don’t work it you won’t have it.

Speaking of muscles, I may have missed my yoga class this morning, but I think I’m gonna roll out my mat at home now.


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