100 Things Bucket List

Creative inspiration to write your 100 things bucket list!

Creative inspiration to write your 100 things bucket list!

I’ve been inspired by lots of other bloggers and friends who have posted their 100 things to-do bucket list.  I’ve also been reading a book called “168 Hours, you have more time than you think you do” by Laura Vanderkam.  In her books she gives you an entire page of free space to start writing out your 100 things.  I wanted to share mine here.

  1. Live in a house by the sea
  2. Build a tiny house
  3. Take a mixed media class
  4. Go on a NOLs course
  5. Become a certified yoga teacher (done)
  6. Teach yoga (done)
  7. Finish my 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program (done)
  8. Begin another 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training so that I can complete my 1000 with the AYC
  9. Go on a 6 month sabbatical in France
  10. Open a Yoga Studio (done)
  11. Keep Chickens
  12. Run a Half-Marathon at least every year
  13. Take Doug Keller’s Yoga Therapy Workshop again (it was sooo good!)
  14. Do Bike NC (done) would love to do again
  15. run consistently every week (doing)
  16. Ride ragbrai
  17. Do a week-long wine tour in CA
  18. Be Financial sound out of debt+good savings (doing)
  19. Be a full time yoga teacher
  20. Expand Greensboro Downtown Yoga
  21. Start a non-profit (done) Face to Face
  22. Work on a presidential campaign (done)
  23. Learn to read, speak and write Sanskrit
  24. Take another weekend trip to DC
  25. Take a Weekend trip to New York City
  26. turn my black thumb into a green thumb and have my own garden (done)
  27. Go on a week-long fishing trip to the Bahamas to fish for bone fish
  28. Go on a 10 day silent meditation retreat
  29. go to Kirpalu
  30. Lead my own yoga retreats at the beach
  31. read two books a month
  32. travel to europe (done)
  33. learn to play the harmonium
  34. become a Lululemon ambassador
  35. maintain a kick-ass blog (working on it)
  36. Write a book
  37. Have a complete spa day complete with mani, pedi, facial, massage, hair and makeup.  Finish the day with a fancy dinner at Print works bistro and maybe even go out dancing!
  38. go to the Statesville Hot-Air Ballon festival
  39. go on a hot-air balloon ride
  40. go to India
  41. Take a Train Ride across the US.
  42. Spend a week at a cottage on the beach by myself.
  43. Be in a small French mountain town watching the Tour De France Fly by
  44. Have my own column in a popular magazine or blog
  45. Shut down Elm st. in downtown Greensboro and teach a yoga class (done and want to do again)
  46. Teach Yoga or something Yoga related at Guilford College
  47. Be on the cover of a magazine
  48. Create yoga videos for followers of the GDY website
  49. Take a year-long sabbatical to do something interesting
  50. Volunteer to teach yoga twice a month at a women’s shelter and at a nursing home
  51. visit Bali
  52. Take a ballet class (done) need to do again
  53. Take a Jazz class (done) need to do again
  54. Take a modern dance class (done) need to do again
  55. Catch a BIG fish!
  56. Go deep-sea fishing
  57. Go on a week-long hiking trip
  58. Be someone who other people want to read about
  59. Be in a play (done)
  60. Move back to Toledo for 6 months and direct Cotton Patch Gospel for ToDay Productions
  61. Create my own Foundation to empower young women and stop grade school and high school bullying
  62. Ride my bike in Europe
  63. Spend time in Bath, England (done)
  64. Go to a play at the Globe theater in London (done)
  65. Have season tickets to Triad Stage (done, done and doing)
  66. Do a Tri (done)
  67. Meet Gigi Yogini and get to take a class with her and Mother Medicine
  68. Free up enough time to be back on the board of Face to Face
  69. Be a life long student
  70. Take a Drawing and painting class
  71. be a nude model for a drawing and painting class (done)
  72. knit sweaters (done and want to do again)
  73. Go to the world domination summit in Portland Oregon.
  74. Go to a Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop
  75. Visit my Auntie Sue in Seattle again sometime soon
  76. Write a Children’s book on yoga
  77. Have my own creative room for art/creativity/yoga/mediation
  78. be a farmers market regular (done)
  79. Use my car less
  80. Take an anatomy and physiology class
  81. do a 7 day cadaver dissection for body workers
  82. go to mexico for a retreat with Shayla Worsly from the AYC
  83. send my parents on a week-long all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas or Europe
  84. See my dad do his story-telling thing on stage
  85. Hike more
  86. Write a play that is performed in New York (done thanks to the backyard players and our team writing)
  87. Do a Kimberly Wilson Paris Retreat
  88. Take a mixed media art class
  89. Go Fishing with my dad as an adult
  90. go on a mediation retreat with my mom (done)
  91. Stay at the Grove park inn
  92. be awarded 40 under 40 by the Greensboro Business Journal
  93. Grow Asparagus
  94. Have a windowsill herb garden
  95. Have candle-lit wine dinners hosted on my back porch all summer long with good friends (did and doing)
  96. Have monthly creative days where there is nothing on my calendar but art/creativity/crafting/knitting/yoga/writing
  97. win leaders club at my job at Lincoln (done, very badly want to do again)
  98. Go to Mexico (done)
  99. Have a girls weekend just me and my Grandma (done and want to do again)
  100. Do a weekend retreat with Kimberly Wilson (Done April 2013)

3 thoughts on “100 Things Bucket List

    • Chels if I do number 60 you have to help me:) I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in aspurugus growing! With my new house I just might be able to grow some myself!!

  1. Glad RAGBRAI is on the list. My parents are training for their 20+? (I’ve no idea how many they’ve done and I’ve done 10). If you need any pointers they’re your peeps. If you want to just tag along with a group some year they would probably carry your stuff (tent, etc.) and give you a space to crash when it rains. Often their hosts let me sleep inside if they park their RV at a house …. It’s good to be from Iowa.

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